Opagac calls other tuna fleets to improve FADs stranding in the Seychelles


The Spanish tuna fleet grouped in the Organization of Associated Producers of Large Tuna Freezers (Opagac)​​ is “the only fleet capable of guaranteeing the total elimination of fishing aggregating devices on the coast of the Seychelles”, a spokesman from the association told Undercurrent News.

A year ago, Opagac launched, in the framework of its sustainability commitments, a fishing aggregating devices (FADs) watch project in Seychelles.

The project aimed to control these devices and to avoid being stranded on coral reefs or beaches of these islands.

Opagac “has become the first capable of guaranteeing the removal of FAD devices at risk of stranding in Seychelles. The fleet, composed of 15 vessels, invites the remaining 37 purse seiners from other countries to start similar projects with the objective of eliminating the environmental impact of these devices at the end of their useful life and preventing them from being stranded on reefs or beaches,” it said.

The project, funded by Opagac, has been carried out with the collaboration of the Seychelles Fishing Authoriy, the Island Conservation Society and the Island Development Company.

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