Othniel Oysters chooses Twin JCB power


Othniel Oysters chooses Twin JCB power

13 Sep 2016

Twin JCB engines have been chosen to power the MV Triploid

Twin JCB engines have been chosen to power the MV Triploid

Othniel Oysters has chosen twin JCB engines to power a new workboat.

The barge, MV Triploid, has a draught of 0.6m and was built as a second boat for the Poole-based company.

This will be Othniel Oysters’ first harvesting barge to be powered by inboard Diesel engines instead of previously used petrol outboards.

“Over the last 30 years we’ve built various boats in various places around the world but decided to go with JCB as diesel is much easier to get hold of,” said Gary Wordsworth, head of Othniel Oysters.

“It’s a complete departure for us but we’re very pleased. We’ve got a big fuel tank and it saves us having to go to the petrol station every day to fill up our cans.”

The MV Triploid was designed by Ian Darley and is purpose built for oyster farm working. Its flat bottom makes it suitable for working in shallow water and has a moon pool to throw waste back into the water. 

Mr Wordsworth explained that the JCB engines were chosen through a selection process of 10 different manufacturers.

He said: “JCB has a good reputation and there’s a few around locally in fishing boats. Some are at an age where they are starting to be replaced and people are replacing them with the same engine which is always a good sign.”

The JCB engines chosen are J444NA with PRM 500D gearboxes, the range has models from 55kW/74hp to 120kW/160hp and are suitable for a large variety of applications.

“We’re running hydraulics off both engines, we’re running a crane off one engine and a winch and carvers off the other,” Mr Wordsworth added.

He concluded: “The engines are running very quiet and don’t appear to be using much fuel.”

Source: worldfishing