Peru to revise tuna landings regulation; sets new anchovy mini-bans


The Peruvian ministry of production (Produce) said it will revise changes it introduced to tuna landing obligations, following a protest from the fishing industry association.  

Earlier this week, the Peruvian fishing industry association said it would undertake legal action in order to overturn changes to the country’s tuna landings rule, introduced last December

The decree reversed a previous decision to force foreign fishing shipowners to land 30% of their tuna catches in Peru.

Faced with the concerns expressed by the national industry, and after meetings held between the ministry and industry representatives, Produce will proceed to review this rule in order to “set the most appropriate deadlines to ensure the fulfillment of the foreign fleet’s landings, and the continuity of the national tuna processing industry’s activities”, it said.

Produce also set a new anchovy fishing mini-ban for three days starting on Jan. 11 in front of Malabrigo – La Libertad. It also issued a new fishing ban — from Jan. 12 — in some areas of the northern coast (see areas marked in red in the photo below).

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