Port’s Deer Hair Popping Frog Video


IF you have wandered by the shop on the odd Sunday you might have met Paul Port: fisheries biologist, father, big fish junky and bad ass fly tyer.

Paul has a real gig, warmwater biologist for AGFC but he helps out on big events and the occassional Sunday shift, for quite a few years now, and we have long admired his bugs, so we are happy to present his Popping Frog as part of our White River video series.

“Cast the fly at the bank targeting structure for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and sunfish. After the fly hits the water, give it a long pause, then pop it back to you using short jerks and long pauses in between. Be ready for some explosive hits:” Paul Port

Hook: Gamakatsu B10s size 1
Thread: Veevus G.S.P. 200D
eg support: 20 pound mono
Glue: Zap fly Tyers Zment
Legs: Cohen’s Creatures Frog Legs -medium 1.75″ – colored with Sharpies
Body: Stacked deer belly hair, packed with Cohen’s fugly packer
Arms: medium round rubber pulled through the body with Zuddy’s leg puller
Eyes: MFC frog eyes

Buy The Materials Here https://theozarkflyfisher.com/shop/home/

Video produced by Brian Wise: Fly Fishing the Ozarks http://flyfishingtheozarks.com/