Raising Tilapia Fish — Why Farm Tilapia.mp4

If you mentioned the word “tilapia” a few years ago, many people would very likely have had no idea of what you were on about.

Mention the word “tiliapia” today, and most people will associate it with a mouth watery delicate fish; courtesy of the increasing popularity of the aquaculture practice.

Tilapia fish is now widely distributed around the world.

Find out more about why most fish farmers opt for rasing tilapia fish by visiting


  • Awesome video!!! How can I get involved with raising Tilapia?

  • I think im gunna farm tilapia on the side now

  • @dibblydooda If you live in temperate regions build a large greenhouse and keep fish in tanks inside the greenhouse. You can utilise vertical space so there is still space for plants. Greenhouse should stay warm through the winter since the water keeping the fish stores heat. Placing composting matter should keep it warm too. Tilapia can survive 60 degrees although their metabolism and growth would slow down as temperature decreases.

  • nice soundtrack!!!