Smuggled European eels farmed in China to meet Japan’s strong demand


I dont know why people are pointing fingers at Japan. Spanish and Chinese are the ones breaking the law. Anyway, most Japanese will only eat Japanese eels not cheap imported eels.

Its not us, we’re the good guys I swear! Not really pointing fingers, just pointing out the obvious. Supply and demand is big enough for Japan not care where it comes from. I reckon “most” Japanese people don’t know where the eels they ate come from. If it was the case, and Japanese eels were mostly eaten then there wouldn’t be a need for importing them. The article clearly stated that’s the demand is there for consumers to not really care where it is coming from.

A large quantity of young European eels smuggled to China is raised in the country for about half a year before being shipped to the Japanese market, particularly when demand for the snake-like fish peaks every summer, according to a senior Spanish police officer.

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