Tilapia Fish Farming Safer In Former Industrial Building

It is believed that the Egyptians were the first to farm tilapia, a lean white fish with a mild taste, over 3,000 years ago. Today it is the second-most cultivated fish in the world, after carp, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

While China is the world’s leading producer of tilapia, just west of Tillsonburg the McLaughlin Brothers are bringing live farmed fish to market in Toronto. Tons of it. Toronto is North America’s largest market for live tilapia, and the World Aquaculture Society predicts that production will rise steadily because of increased demand for the fish.

All of the Canadian production is sold live to local markets, where premium prices are obtained for fresh, live fish.

The technology used by Sand Plains AquaCulture has come a long way since early fish farming began. Come fishing with us and take this behind the scenes look at this emerging company and the amazing technology and innovation behind it.


  • message to the owner:  What if i told you i could solve your ammonia and fish poo in the water problem… Essentially i would remove the the need for that filter drum system you have.  And you would increase products that you sell! 😉 message me if interested

  • We have the worlds largest Tilapia  fish farming in the US in Martinsville VA near Martinsville Speed Way. Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Inc. is the world’s largest producer of tilapia using indoor recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Each year, Blue Ridge Aquaculture produces 4 million pounds of tilapia, shipping between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds of live tilapia every day.

  • Wait a gosh darn minute, nyow. What is this all aboot here?!

  • How do they remove the eggs from the mother's mouth?

  • Wait a minute!  He is CAN $10m in capital investment with a great team and a ready market but the annual turnover is 33% – 50% of a CAN total market of CAN $ 3 m?
    Did they say those were the numbers?
    Phew!  Even with a Gross Margin of ? 60% and Net of 25% thats a terrible ROI
    … eeek 
    Great to say they made that crank to 12,000 lbs (5 metric tonne) a week = 250 t/year.

  • I prefer White Whitting…. Salmon and Smoked Salmon (like the deli sliced or restaurant kind) is my all time favorite. The puller needs to be rethought out…the fish should be swimming themselves to a separate area perhaps for feeding that will automatically pull them….so the machine might be too loud and I think you're wasting a lot of electricity. Too much oxygen damages their circulatory system….so hopefully its a low oxygen load….with oxygen that is perhaps kept at low given pressure…..why…because you should be using grass….if you can't use grass the process it and add it differently…but somehow they need chlorophyl…or lettuce….or alfafa…or cabbage etc…hahaha Don't we have purple lettuce…and purple cabbage… Should you have one tropical light…? Or one tropical pool light…they go inside the pool…hehe What do I know…just throwing ideas at ya… You don't have enough space I think…and they're not Wriggley Happy….they should be wriggly happy like a dog tryign to reach for i'ts tail..hehe I think for breading you need a more real and more foliage filled environment….even if the foliage is plastic and even if you have to feed more…. Is there a dropper that you add as nourishment when you want them to lay eggs… Here in Florida they lay eggs as in many places in shallow water…and usually near grassy land or where the land has some type of top soil from gras or other plant life that has fallen like palm frongs… So to avoid the mess of palm frongs and other plant life I still think you may need to recreate the shallow water effect and perhaps add the dropper of vitamins or whatever…what do I know…I do know the fish wil make it to shallow water and wriggle and fertilise the eggs……if they're happy they should be jumping out of the water….once or twice per day per 100 or 200 fish….what do I know is the ration…and in the shallow water…thats where all the baby fish hangout…hehe Rice will make your fish much bigger….like a rice dessert…or tembleque….Rice Puddin (arroz con leche or arroz con dulce) or Candied Rice (without milk or sugar use teabags instead of milk and water….and maybe condensed milk or not; don't forget ginger, cinnamon and raisins;….usually fish don't get enough to eat in real life anyway…it's like comparing them to a pet dog) etc. In 1 days time….will cause your baby fish to grow about 4 times the size…even apple sauce…haha You need bigger aquariums to allow them to grow to full size or wait half the size…7lbs…I think. No innovation is using less expensive means to oxygenate or to complement your oxygenation like using grass and alfafa and lettuce and the bottom suckers to keep the tank clean….what do I know…talk with a veterinarian or fish expert…but we use bottom suckers to keep our aquariums clean and cleaner…and they don't mate…but you're right they may not breed and you need a separate tank for breeding….keep in mind that like a mill….any motion in the water causes the water to be oxygenated naturally…so what happens if you were to use less oxygen….since you already have lots of commotion going on in the water and lots of water movement…..

  • Nice plant!  The volume is impressive!!  This is green and how we should eat more!

  • lol ewart doesn't look like he is eating enough fish rather big mac . look at the size of him

  • They are a pest in Aus

  • the ph in his system is off a bit, you can tell because some of the lips and tails of the tilapia are red, that usually only happenes when you're ph is low. then again, they said they were breeding a red color(though they should be prioritizing size and grow rate)

  • Seems fishy to me.

  • Coming from an Asian. The red fish taste better more buttery 🙂 That's why we love em 🙂

  • NICE

  • "The black fish seem to go faster." Those black genetics at work in nature as well. lol!

  • Great job, very impressive. High quality food. May the good Lord bless your business.

  • Its nice that we people culture the fish in a proper way for us to have a food in our table and for the near future. Godbless

  • I don't understand why create oxygen. Wouldn't it suffice to just aerate the water? And what about the cost of keeping water warm enough for those fish in Ontario?

  • Wow. We don't even have Tilapia in our country.

  • such crowded conditions for fish . have some mercy on animals.

  • while this looks like a great operation, it pains me to see that these fish never see the day light, eat processed food, are genetically modified for survival rate, have no space to swim, this is it's just crazy!!!


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  • I hope they has some kind of filter on their audio. I could barely hear them because of the noise from the tanks.

  • aren't these poor fish stressed the hello out and then we eat it? even in the china farming (which is gross!) even though he says no stress..I believe all are now in farming 🙁

  • i like this very much and trying out to create same set up in 3rd floor factory. however i am facing major issue of costing due to low price in tilapia (Malaysia). How do you guys overcome all these cost? Do you all follow the market price or just set a fix price of it?

  • wonderful! blew my mind. would love to see more of these for the us

  • be careful what we eat

  • tilapia can be found in Philippines, where I live.

  • i rather fish in the sea, this is gross.

  • love it i hope they sale in Texas