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Top spot for seafood

Top spot for seafood

Enjoy an assortment of seafood at the Top Spot in Kuching, writes Nur Salawati Mohd Nadzri

IF you are a seafood-lover and staying near the Waterfront in Kuching, you should head to Top Spot to satisfy your taste buds. You’ll be spoilt for choice at the food court.

However, this is not your typical food court as it is situated in a tall building which is easy to spot once you get there.

The Top Spot can be seen from afar, thanks to its location at the top floor of Kuching UTC building. It is on the sixth floor to be exact. You will notice a giant fluorescent prawn signboard together with the food court’s name, Top Spot.

You can have your dinner here while enjoying the cool breeze. The Top Spot is walking distance from the Waterfront and you can take a stroll along the river before dinner.

The walk to the food court itself is a wonderful experience. There are several gift shops and the buildings are nostalgic as most still retain their original architecture.

(Clockwise from top) belacan midin, deep-fried squid, mixed vegetable (chap chai), oyster pancake (oh chien), butter prawn, razor clams cooked with curry, sizzling tofu, and at the centre is the sweet, sour, and spicy fish. PICTURES BY NUR SALAWATI MOHD NADZRI

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a big crowd and fresh seafood. Best of all, you could personally choose the seafood to be cooked to your preference. Of all the stalls here, my all-time favourites are number 6 (Ling Loong Seafood) and 10 (Ah Seng ABC Seafood). Many prefer stall number 25.

Either way, there are some must-try dishes such as midin, a type of forest fern only found in Sarawak.

The ever-famous midin displayed at one of the stalls (on the top-shelf).

It is unclear, though, as to why it is only found in Sarawak and so the supply sometimes runs out. Make sure to place your order for the midin first and you’ll see it displayed on the shelves of the stalls. The midin is best cooked with belacan, or oyster sauce if you prefer a less spicy dish.

The oyster pancake, known as oh chien in Hokkien, is very popular. The oyster is mixed into a special batter which is then fried to perfection. It is crispy and must be eaten with the accompanying sauce. You should dig into the oyster pancake with your hand and enjoy the dish without using any cutlery.

Another delicious dish is the razor clams cooked with curry. We call the razor clams sambal and the curry is actually dry. You can taste the freshness of the razor clams with the spicy curry that is cooked just right.

If you look around, you will see that almost all of the other tables are occupied with either butter prawn or butter chicken. Both dishes are delicious but beware, you might crave for more!

Having a big meal will make you thirsty. Why not try the thirst-quencher – lemon sugar cane? However, you will have to queue with the other customers. The stall is situated at the outer part of the food court. Follow the crowd and you’ll see them making a beeline for this drink stall. Besides selling sugar canes as their signature drink, they also offer coconut shakes for loyal customers.

The Top Spot Food Court is a must-go to spot for anyone who comes to Kuching. It’ll be worth your time and money, as apparent by most visitors being returning customers. The seafood dishes are fresh and the price is cheap. So, what are you waiting for?

Top Spot

WHERE: Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

HOURS: 6pm to 11pm daily

FOOD: Seafood

PICK: Belacan midin, oyster pancake or oh chien, razor clams or sambal cooked with curry, butter prawn, and butter chicken.

PAY: Around RM40-RM100++ for a meal with several dishes of your choices.

MOOD: Partially open-air food court.

SERVICE: Fairly fast

I SAY: Must go

Source: Seafood