Tropical Discus Fish


Discus Fish are very popular for at home. Many people suggest that they are very hard to look after and only a professional should have them. As long as you know the key points there is know reason why a beginner can own these beautiful creatures. The name Discus come from the shape of there bodies that they almost look like they have been squashed or compressed to form a 'discus shape'. They have very tiny fins; they are a species from the fresh water cichlid family.

They also have a beautiful coloring. This varies an awful lot from fish to fish. You will see some with bright rainbow colors all multi-colored. Some very plane with just one or two colors on. Then you have the ones that are have vertical, horizontal and / or diagonal stripes. They truly are fish that you can sit watch and admire for hours on end. The main challenge of owning a Discus Fish is that feeding them can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. It would highly recommend for you to ask the staff from where you purchase your fish and see what food they are currently being fed on, this way you can buy the exact same food and you will not have any problems with the feeding.

If you do decide to change there food you may find that the ignore it, they can be a bit stubborn. Discus will starve themselves for up to 4 weeks then suddenly start to nibble at bits of it. Although this is common for discus it can affect the growing process if there are very young.

Discusses do not have any nutritional requirements and can be fed on pretty much any protein fish food.

It is very common for owners to feed there discus beef heart. You can buy beef heart already cubed. Although I would not recommend to purchase it like this. You will find that there is a lot more gristle and fat on the beef heart. With my Discus fish I my quite large portions of heart and cut it up myself this can be a little time consuming but it is a lot healthier for your Discus.

Source by Sam Kendall