Trout Fishing Ireland – Great Places for Trout Fishing


Ireland offers some ideal destinations for trout fishing. Anglers can take public transportation in order to reach the coast or you can rent a car which can take you to lakes, streams and rivers. The Irish oceans have various types of fish such as cod, bass, ling, skate and pollack. You can choose to try trolling, off-shore casting or deep sea fishing. And for the fresh water specimens, you can find fantastic pike, trout and salmon. Anglers will be facilitated and they should find trout fishing in Ireland abundant. This is just a small taste that the country Ireland has to offer.

There are so many places in Ireland where you can fish for trout. You can trout fish Ireland in between Maamturk and Twelve Bens mountains. You can find a beautiful valley between these two mountains where sea trout live. Connemara is also a one popular location for fishing because it is where the river enters the lake. It is also called as the "Butt" and the "Derryclare Butt" and is ideal for fisherman to test his skills.

Galway, Ireland is also a beautiful spot for fishing. Trout fishing Ireland in Loch Corrib seems to be among the best game fisheries across the globe. The lake has a width of over 40,000 acres and a length of over 35 miles from the Galway City up to Maam Bridge in Connemara. Aside from trout, you can also catch some pike. Trout fishing Ireland are usually done in the months of February until the end of September. Another lake in Galway is Loch Mask where you can try your fishing skills. In addition to the brown trout, the lake also offers game fish like salmon, perch, pike and char. The third largest lake in Ireland which is the Loch Derg also offers a huge mix of fish which includes trout, salmon, and coarse fish.

On the other hand, if you prefer to do some river fishing, rivers in Galway is a perfect site to do this activity. One river is the River Suck which flows along the border of the counties Roscommon and Galway. The river can supply you large amounts of perch, tench, rudd, roach, bread, pike and trout. If you want brown trout as your main catch, go to the River of Clare. The Clare River flows from Tuam in Galway County to the Loch Corrib on the east side near Headford.

In the town of Killorglin, you can witness breathtaking scenery. You can also do some trout fishing however you are required to have a fishing permit. Also, the River Blackwater is indeed a top spot for White Sea trout, brown trout and salmon. You can perform any kind of angling such as spinning, worming, fly fishing and the like. Trout fishing in the evening is recommended along with using a fly rod along with bright colored flies. Loch Currane in the southwest of Kerry is also a lake where you and your family can fish. The same is true with Loch Neagh located in the heart of Northern Ireland.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are other wonderful things that Ireland has to offer away from trout fishing. Whatever you want to do in Ireland, I'm assured that you will come back for more.

Source by Monty Cuddington