#UMRENG #2 – With Sleeping Murlocs to 24-60k/h Easy – Legion Fishing Gold Farming Guide 7.3.5


Hey Guys, in todays video of #UMRENG I will give u VERY lucrative Gold Farming Fishing Guide, which is in Suramar.
We’ll farm Runescale Koi, and with that we have a chance of getting Sleeping Murloc as well!
That is the item we are going for, everything else is bonus.


► MACROS: (Disclaimer: Use the Macros on your own risk, if they malfunction and vendor ur whole bags, it’s not my fault. So far they worked perfect for me, but keep that in mind!)

► Macro #1 (Destroying Useless Fish):
/cast Grand Expedition Yak
/run for bag=0,4,1 do for slot=1,36,1 do local name=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot);if (name and string.find(name,”Leyscale Koi”)) then PickupContainerItem(bag,slot);DeleteCursorItem();end;end;end

► Macro #2 (Destroying Grey Items):
/cast Ashes of Al’ar
/run for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b) do l=GetContainerItemLink(b,s) if l then _,_,r=GetItemInfo(l) if (r==0) then PickupContainerItem(b,s) DeleteCursorItem() end end end end

– Where it says: “/cast [mount name]” change the name to mount u regularly use, or delete the first line completely, and run the macro manually whenever you like it.

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