Urban Aquaculture: Fish Farming in the City

Aquaculture (i.e. aquatic plants and animals) is North America’s third largest import, only following automobiles and fuel. However, we have managed to overfish our environment beyond repair. Overfishing poses an enormous threat to our oceanic ecosystems. Enter urban aquaculture, or more simply put: fish farming in the city.

Because urban aquaculture raises their fish rather than collecting them in mass quantities from their natural habitat, it provides an opportunity for fish levels and ecosystems to return to a healthier state.

Professor Martin Schreibman, distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology at Brooklyn College, has developed a state-of-the-art, sustainable urban aquaculture facility. His aquaculture utilizes a water re-use system. Fish waste is filtered out and is used as a plant fertilizer, so ultimately, he is self-sustainably harvesting 2 types of crop — fish and plants.


  • Well, most crops are already crown with cow shit, so it doesn't seem that bad really.

  • Em 2003, alguns cientistas escoceses da Universidade de Edimburgo descobriram que os peixes podem sentir dor.Um estudo prévio pelo professor James D. Rose da Universidade de Wyoming dizia que os peixes não podiam sentir dor porque eles não possuíam a parte neocortexal do cérebro, responsável por tal sensação.
    Fonte: Wikipedia

  • Can you suggest the best way to grow java moss?

  • I'm even a very much crazy in fish and breeding them so wish could be the member of this…….

  • I hope there is a whole lot more to the system than shown or someone got ripped off!
    $2,500,000 I could build a small ocean for crying out loud.

  • neato! but i doubt I could eat something like fish that I have helped grow..plants sure.

  • Martin is an amazing person!!! So good to know this info Thank You!

  • How many Species of fish ?

  • What kind of fish are you raising?

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  • sadly, Tilapia is not a very healthy fish.

  • Too bad you have to kill the fish.

  • factory farm in your home.

  • you dont have to, you can raise and sell ornamental fish in your aquaponics system 🙂

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  • These guys are doing AQUAPONICS!!!! Aquaculture is only the fish side of the equation. Just saying, not criticizing.

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  • Interesting, this is great but how did it end up in a University and why are PhD's needed to run what hobbyists with no specialized degrees have been designing and operating for decades!  I smell money…grants. And Profs. like Martin Schreibman can have fun with something more interesting than Bonferroni transformations, bootstrapping and other uninspired pure science pursuits.

  • And what do the fish eat? GMO soy?

  • Would a native species like the Texas Cichlid work as well as tilapia?  

  • isn't this aquaponics fish create ammonia, ammonia breaks down to nitrite, nitrite (No2) get oxidized to Nitrate (No3) No3 fertilize plants doubles growth, plants clean water then it dumps back to fish tank? Great vid btw 😀 i liked

  • At the rate we consume I think we'll still need ocean based farms but this should be an alternative to ease the burden, especially for landlocked areas away from the coast to get fresh fish and veggies.

  • Funny and smart like all professors should be 🙂

  • Hahaha He takes a bite, gags, spits it out then goes just kidding and eats it. Great great concept, I would love to see this in my town.

  • How did that system cost $2.5million? State of the art it is not. I truly believe in aquaculture, however, look at truly sustainable methods, Chinampas of Mexico, Veta la palma in Spain, the Rice/Duck/Fish systems of South-East Asia, Aqua/Agri-culture systems with Carp, or the Fishponds of Molokai. Greenfin Aquaponics on Vancouver Island has built a larger system than this for under $60k. Clean our waterways and provide suitable habitat, and there will be an over abundance of low intensity aquaculture opportunities.

  • Awesome stuff, I have private island in the Bahamas would love to do this with Nassau Grouper and Snappers and farming
    does salt systems work with plants?  We also have Mud or Stone Crab…

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  • My first correction, we have not overfished our environment, we have not regulated it correctly worldwide. If you need 2 million dollars to build this $ 20,000 dollar system you are doing something very very wrong! Hybrid tilapia have already taken over, the judge is still out on if that is a good idea yet? does not help the economy much, just the growers. Not many jobs are created, fully tuned systems needs very little labor.  Sorry to vent, I just hate the way you peoples waste all that money and only work in your tight little circles while some of us are out here working in the real world.  Peace Out!

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