US factory deck order


US factory deck order

30 Aug 2016

Optimar Stette’s latest order is from a US client

Optimar Stette has signed one of the biggest contracts in its 80-year history, adding to its orderbook a factory deck system for an 80m US fishing vessel.

The Ålesund-based Optimar Stette will deliver the highly automated factory deck installation for the newbuild, due to be delivered in 2018. The factory is designed to have a 150 tonne per day throughput and freezing capacity, including automated plate freezers, frozen fish interim hotel storage and a range of palletisers, batch weighing, cargo lifts and an innovative new heading machine. The factory is designed for maximum automation and to minimise manual lifting.

Optimar Stette has a staff of 250 across its three locations in Norway, Spain and the US, with its headquarters close to the centre of Norway’s maritime and seafood cluster in the west coast region around Ålesund. There has been a strong demand for its automated factory deck installations and latest order is added to a list that already includes contracts in progress for three Russian vessels, two in Norway and one in New Zealand.

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Source: worldfishing