Warlord of Draenor Gold Farming


Warlord of Draenor Gold Farming, Though I know many do not want to ever go back to Warlord of Draenor, the gold making potential is huge, lets take a look.

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Warlord of Draenor has left us with many gold making methods that today go un-used, today we will talk about the biggest Gold farms, and how you can make some serious gold. also be sure to stick around till the end of this video where I will will share with you a special gold farm worth 140 – 180 K ( repeatable)

(1) Solo All the Wrath of the lich king, Cata and many of the Mist of Pandaria raids, doing so can make you a lot of gold. You will want to run these raids without killing bosses, so it is repeatable. When you get tired of that raid and are ready to move on then kill everything including Bosses.

*Note* Blizzard has updated the older raids to now give gear drops for the Max amount for that raid, meaning if the raid is a 20 man you will get loot for 20 players even if you solo.

(2) Transmog , as always selling transmog will make you a lot of gold but it will be slower than many gold farms. Though when the items do sell you are going to make alot of profit. Single items will often bring as much as thousands of Gold .

(3) Farming Profession Materials like Herbs, Ore, Leather, Cooking & Fish

(4) BlackWing Descent 25 Man Heroic setting Kill everything. making 2- 3 K in 10 minutes or less.

5) Bastion of Twilight kill No Bosses , best to farm on a tailor so you get more cloth , use the cloth to make embersilk bags which still sell for good gold.

finally that special tip you have been waiting on.

**Be sure to watch the whole video to get this special tip **

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