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What Ornaments Can You Put in Your Aquarium For Fish?

Many of us who live in apartments want pets too. However, there are not a lot of pets that we can have because of the rules and regulations. An alternative to larger pets is that you keep fish. An aquarium for fish with beautiful ornaments looks like a good idea. The ornaments can be as colorful as you want it to be. How can you choose the ornaments? The following article will tell you about this.

While choosing for the suitable ornament, try to avoid plastic or limestone ornaments. These objects raise the acidity of water and alter the water chemistry required by the fish. Limestone leads to a higher pH of water and this can be harmful for the fish. Also bear in mind that cockleshell and coral are not good for the health of the fish.

You can carry out a test for limestone. Place a drop of vinegar on the surface of the ornament, if bubbles appear on the surface, this means that the ornament has limestone in it. You should not place that particular ornament in your aquarium for fish.

Instead you can use granite for the ornaments that you place in the aquarium. You can also use granite as a substrate. You can also use live plants in your aquarium for fish. Live plants provide hiding places to your fish. They also improve the ecosystem of the aquarium by providing food and oxygen for the fish. However, you will have to take care of the plants as they require proper cleaning and pruning.

You should take care to clean any new objects that you place in the aquarium for fish. Wash the ornament with warm water. If it's possible for you, place the ornament in warm water for a few days. This way you will get rid of any paint or dyes on the surface of the ornaments.

You should always try to keep your aquarium for fish clean as this is the most essential part of the hobby. This also ensures the health of your fish.

Source by Hung Perez

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